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Olds Studio SN/ 35224 (Circa 1948) Los Angeles


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Time Capsule and One of the earliest example of the Olds Studio.  SN/ 35224 (Circa 1948) Manufactured in Los Angeles before moving to Fullerton in 1955. Engraved: ‘Studio Model – FE Olds and Son – Los Angeles, CA ‘  The Nickel Silver Tuning Crook and End flair gave this horns a beautiful full resonation tone with just a slight edge.  No dents, all new lacquer preserving the original 2-tone gold lacquer with the nickel plated bell.  The valve casings and pistons are super clean, as is the finish.  The Horn is clean and ready to play. The Olds Studio was a popular horn for Olds, a legendary model and my very first “Pro” ish horn as a young trumpeter in 1967. The Olds Studio was my 1st professional trumpet I ever owned.  I got it for Christmas in 1967 for my 13th Birthday. I was always told what a beautiful tone I had and mostly because of the horn I was playing.  The Olds trumpet lineup in the mid-late ’60s went something like this (from cheapest/student to expensive/professional) – Ambassador, Special, Studio, Super, Recording, Opera, Mendez, Custom – so it can be seen that the Studio was bridging the gap between the more student horns (Ambassador/Special), and the pro horns (Super upwards). As with most nearly every Olds horn of the time, bore is .460′, with a 4.8’ bell (for those that think it’s only bore and bell size that make the difference between horns, compare this horn or a Recording with a Super – all the same bore and bell size, but very different horns to play). This Horn has been completely refurbished and serviced, chem bathed, hand polished, significant dents and dings removed. There was no dramatic type of damage to begin with This horns is in beautiful condition.  It’s just stunning!  Comes with a very nice ProTec Single case

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