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Olds Ambassador S/N 279200 (Circa 1959)


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1959 Olds Ambassador S/N 279200

Here is a 1959 Olds ambassador cornet, in great over all condition! The horn has great compression and quick and smooth valves and slides. Overall the horn has a beautiful patina but is currently missing a good majority of the lacquer, there is approximately 40/45% of the lacquer remaining! The horn has a wonderful playing characteristics and beautiful brilliant sound! These horns suited for any style or playing situation.

The effortless action of the AMBASSADOR Cornet will delight cornet players who will appreciate this instrument, styled and balanced on a continuous flow air column principle.

The Olds hand-lapped nickel pistons assure the close fitting, full tone and trouble-free valves characteristic of Olds instruments. Nickel silver trim is used on the braces and points of wear, and “three-point bracing” gives additional sturdiness to the AMBASSADOR Cornet

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Dimensions 24 × 12 × 12 in