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Schilke P74 Piccolo Gold Plated NEW SWEET


Schilke P74 Piccolo Gold Plated NEW SWEET…

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Cousin to the popular Schilke P5/4 this piccolo has a tighter cornet style wrap than the P5/4. HornTrader gets about 4 a year. Trumpet or cornet tuning shanks. The P7-4 is an excellent choice for the performer looking for a freer, broader blowing piccolo trumpet and is ideal for both symphonic and solo performance. Blending exceptionally well with larger keyed trumpets, this model features a full 180 degree radius bell bow and is configured with a first valve saddle, third valve slide ring and two mouthpipes in Bb and A. Providing an alternative to the classic P5-4 model, the P7-4 offers the characteristic quick response and superior intonation long associated with Schilke designs. Brand Spankin new! In Gold Plate. These horns take 10 months to order. P7-4 Piccolo Trumpet Bb/A Piccolo Valve Bb/A Piccolo Trumpet Bore: M -.450 (11.42 mm) Bell: S Ð 4 (101.60 mm) Copper Bell with #8 taper. These horns take 10 months to order. ORDER YOURS NOW FROM THE HORNTRADER !!!!!!!!!!! More pictures upon request.

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