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Bach Piccolo MDL 311 SN/ 91813


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Bech Bach Piccolo MDL 311  SN/ 91813  three valve piccolo trumpet made as a long straight herald style trumpet.  This diminutive little horn is pitched in Bb,  With the right tuning of the bell, you might be able to pitch this in A as well.  The first and third slides will pull for any adjustment needed for the longer keys.  The second slide is fixed. 

It is a well maintained horn from the 1970’s. It could pass for a brand new horn. The lacquer on the bell is a very good , hardly any wear. The valves are some of the best I have ever felt, and they are a bit unusual since they have bottom springs that go between the bottom of the valve piston and the bottom valve caps. The herald bell detaches and has its own slot in the case. The case is in excellent shape and has room for the bell, body of the horn, and a mouthpiece. The horn takes a cornet shank mouthpiece. Comes with case, no mouthpiece included though I do have a few I could sell along with the horn.  You hardy ever see these up for sale, they are quite unusual. This would be a great horn for a collector or somebody looking for a good entry level piccolo.  Comes with the Original Case.

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