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HT1.5CS-28 Commercial Trumpet Mouthpiece


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Just like the Mouthpiece I play on but with the 1.5CS cup and the 28 hole.  The new HornTrader custom signature mouthpiece by Mark Curry. The HT1.5CS-28. I am selling these pieces for $110 ( SH&I) Basically it is a high compression shallow 1.5C Trumpet Mouthpiece  It is a slightly shallower Mt Vernon copy with Mark Curry’s  #1 Back-bore and a 28 hole. The the Cup was made a tad shallower (.017) but also a bit more room on the sides near the bottom of the cup The bite is soft like a worn Mt V 1.5C The contour is more straight to the shallower cup The drill is a 28 The Back bore has a 28 hole but is a straight taper #1 reamer. Medium tight with brilliance. About .017 shallower than a Mt Vernon 1.5C cup We’ve opened up the 2nd cup which should make it a little more free-blowing. And have added a slightly sharper shoulder going into the throat, making it a little more angular instead of a smooth radius. The X-28 Backbore has a 28 hole but is a straight taper #1 reamer. Medium tight with brilliance. Length 3.5′ Weight 3.2 oz. Backbore exit diameter .333′ Outside shank diameter .383′ (gives a gap similar to a Reeves #5 sleeve) Can cut new ones for sleeves (add $25) Extra Sleeves are $25 ID , 2nd cup slightly wider, more angular. 70 thou/inch reamer, tight 28 throat. The HT1.5CS-28 is the mouthpiece for you!  It is like my HT3CS-28 commercial piece but in the 1.5 diameter. They are only .017 shallower, but that combined with the 28 hole gives you the compression needed for a higher range with out sacrificing tone or pitch.  They are slightly deeper than the Marcinkiewicz E33C. Guys who play the larger diameters are getting excellent results with the HT1.5CS28.

HornTrader Custom Signature Mouthpiece The HT1.5CS-28

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